We Can Help You Increase Your Sales!

Whether you are an established company looking to increase your sales force's effectiveness or an entrepreneur trying to figure out how the sales game works, Giant Harvest Sales Consulting can help.

With more than 30 years of sales experience, our Principal and Associates offer a proven track record of successfully closing major sales, building sustainable pipelines, creating and managing effective sales organizations, and improving sales effectiveness. As entrepreneurs and business owners - and having worked extensively with local startup investment groups - we understand the challenges of startups and early-stage companies. We have also worked for both large and middle-market corporations, so we have an in-depth understanding of those selling environments as well, including the special challenges associated with different organizational types and growth stages. 

Whatever sales issues you are facing, we will provide you with solutions that will help you create a more successful sales function and close more business:

  • Do you already have a sales force in place but wish it could be more effective?

    • Then take a look at our Sales Force Effectiveness Assessment (SFEA), based on a proven framework that has been validated hundreds of times. SFEA looks at the critical sales success factors that apply across all types of sales no matter what the product or service. You will get a set of practical recommendations, tailored to your specific business, for improving the performance of your sales organization - recommendations that you can implement either on your own or with our help.

  • Is your company in startup mode or an early stage of development?

    • Our customized Sales Startup Consulting Services (SSCS) will enable you to build an effective initial sales infrastructure on a limited budget, while providing a solid core around which you can scale and build a more complete sales function as you add resources and customers.
  • Are you prepared to tackle the challenge of making big-ticket sales to large companies?

    • Many smaller companies have limited experience selling enterprise-level solutions to large corporations. Let us help you Win the "Big Deal" by creating a winning sales strategy that includes all the elements needed to successfully close complex large-dollar sales opportunities based on decades of successful enterprise sales experience. 

To start planting the sales seeds today that will help you reap a giant harvest tomorrow, contact Giant Harvest Sales Consulting, LLC.