Boost Sales with a Sales Force Effectiveness Assessment (SFEA)

You know you might have a sales problem when…

• Despite  your best efforts your sales results are disappointing.

• Sometimes it feels like the sales organization is "out of control".

• You have little confidence in your pipeline and close dates keep getting pushed out.

• You are having trouble finding, attracting, and keeping good sales people.

• You are losing too much business to competition and don't know why.

• Sales expenses are going up faster than sales results.

What We Do

Using a highly structured approach that examines well known critical sales success factors, we apply our extensive sales experience to identify the big and small issues that are inhibiting salessuccess and provide concrete recommendations to make sales work the way it should. We can also help you plan and implement these recommendations.

Combining our own in-depth sales experience with a real-world-validated framework that has been successfully applied to hundreds of sales organizations—we identify issues negatively impacting the effectiveness of your sales force and offer solutions tailored to your specific sales environment. Using our experience and a structured approach it is designed to be both rapid and high impact.

Some of the areas we examine include:

• Do you have the right people and do they have the right tools and motivation to be successful?.

• How effectively are territories managed and assigned?.

•  Are goals aligned across the organization (especially between marketing and sales)?

• Are the right sales management controls and metrics in place?

• Is your sales model and sales process well defined and effective?

• Do you have the sales coaching, training, and education needed to maximize individual results?

Our Approach

The SFEA includes:

• Structured intensive interviews with selected key managers (at a minimum, CEO, CSO, and CMO) as well as selected sales people. From these interviews, we learn what's working, what isn't, and what your sales force needs to be more successful.

• Developing specific recommendations to improve your sales force’s effectiveness, based on the critical success factors we’ve found to be common across a diverse set of industries and sales organizations.

To help you phase in the recommended improvements, we rank them by estimated impact, estimated difficulty and cost (high, medium, low). We're also available to provide assistance in implementing our suggestions—and we can recommend partners for specialized assistance.

Why This and Why Us?

Our systematic approach to improving sales force effectiveness has been proven to boost both top-line and bottom-line results. We have the experience, background, and qualifications to help your sales force succeed. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you at no charge to describe our approach in more detail and provide more information on the underlying framework on which we base our delivery. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.