What Does It Take To Win The "Big Deal"?

Large complex sales opportunities require unique sales experience and knowledge. Smaller companies selling to the enterprise market often don’t have the experience to win major opportunities. They are quickly overwhelmed by the complexity of both the sales process and customer decision making process. To succeed in major sales efforts, you need a disciplined sales plan that incorporates many factors that are not found in non-enterprise sales opportunities. For example, some of the areas a successful enterprise sales plan needs to adress include:

• Showing that you understand the customer’s buying criteria, buying process, and timelines.

• Identifying all the players on both teams (yours and theirs) and the role of each in the sale.

• Uncovering significant business pain points for key problem owners—and show how your solution resolves these issues.

• Including steps in the plan for identifying and cultivating your customer sponsors and coaches.

• Identifying areas where you can apply leverage to gain competitive advantage.

• Addressing requirements for all business functions affected by the purchase decision (Finance, IT, Operations, etc.). 

• Presenting a solution that can be embraced by all parties.

• Pinpointing obstacles to getting the deal done, and show how you will eliminate them.

• Identifying your competitors and the steps you will take to deal with them.

• Identifying risk factors and the steps you will take to mitigate them.

• Showing how you will orchestrate your resources to accomplish specific customer objectives.

• Including an objective assessment of your confidence in your ability to win the sale.

• Addressing steps you’ll take to keep the customer happy after winning the sale.

What We Do

We apply our extensive sales experience  winning enterprise businessto help smaller companies create winning sales strategies for major opportunities. Addressing each of these factors (and more), we’ll help you create an effective “win strategy” based on the most appropriate approach for your particular situation. In this way, we’ll bring immediate value to your opportunity assessment and planning.

Our Approach

We’ll meet with you at no charge to gain a better understanding of your specific opportunity situation and to discuss your needs. We’ll then provide you with a custom proposal that addresses the specific types of help you need.

Why This and Why Us?

Our disciplined approach to winning large, complex sales has proven its effectiveness time after time. We have the experience, background, and qualifications to help you win your next big sales opportunity. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to describe our approach in more detail. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.