Startups: How Will You Get Sales Off the Ground?

You have developed—or are developing—your product or service. Now you need to prove to investors and yourself that you have a real winner. In short, you need sales. But how do you get your sales efforts started?

For example:

• How do you get your initial customers (and keep them coming)?
• How do you identify and target prospects?
• How do you generate and manage leads?
• How do you develop an effective elevator pitch?
• How do you create a successful and repeatable sales process?
• How do you systematically "harvest" sales successes to build your business?
• How do you attract and leverage partners who can help you further build sales?
• How do you identify and manage critical sales success factors?
• How do you recruit and keep the sales talent you need on a limited budget?
• How do you successfully structure and grow your sales organization?

What We Do

As entrepreneurs and business owners who have worked extensively with local startup investment groups, we understand the challenges of startups and early-stage companies. Combining our own in-depth sales experience with the real-world-validated framework that has been successfully applied to hundreds of sales organizations—we offer solutions tailored to your specific sales environment and resources.                                                                                                                            
Our goal is to help you create early sales success—both to grow your business and to attract additional funding, if needed. With our Sales Startup Consulting Services (SSCS)  we will help you create an effective initial sales infrastructure, on a limited budget, this will give you a solid, scalable, core around which you can build a more complete infrastructure as you add sales resources and customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Some of the areas in which we provide guidance are:
• Evaluating target markets and target messages from a sales perspective.
• Generating leads and recommending lead management strategies.
• Structuring your sales organization and sales roles.
• Developing sales representative profiles and job descriptions based on your business needs.
• Assigning and managing sales territories.
• Screening sales representative candidates. 
• Developing a sales process that will fit your market.
• Assessing sales opportunities and providing guidance in how to respond to them.
• Aligning your sales organization with your vision and business goals.
• Creating effective management controls and sales metrics.
• Providing sales representative coaching and sales education recommendations.

Our Approach

We’ll meet with you at no charge to ask questions about your business goals and objectives and discuss your needs. Then we’ll provide you with a custom proposal that addresses the specific types of help you need.

Why This and Why Us?

Our disciplined approach to building successful sales organizations has proven its effectiveness time after time. We have the experience, background, and qualifications to help you get your sales off the ground and grow your business. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to describe our approach in more detail. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.